Reading Project


Child Survival Aid Ghana is committed to the education of children in rural communities in Ghana. Therefore, we design our programs to transform children-learning at the primary level. The learning environments we create help the children develop their skills and habit of reading throughout their primary education. We believe that this attitude can help their future career in education.

Our objective under this program is to improve, restore and revive the loss of reading ability among school children in rural communities. This will be done by:

  • Setting up reading clubs in schools.

  • Coaching children to love and appreciate reading.

  • Ensuring that children are constantly engaged in daily reading to enhance their knowledge and reading skills.

  • Empowering children to be agents of change in the community through reading

  • Improving the quality of education and competition among children in schools

  • Teaching school children how to cultivate the habit of reading to enable them compete with other privileged children in urban cities.