Our corporate partnerships help us to support children in need in rural communities to participate fully in their education and create a better future for them. Your commitment to partner with us will help us support more children in rural communities.

Associations & Partnerships


In an effort to better understand the cultures and educational systems with which we work and meet the varied educational needs of children we serve, we form partnerships with well-recognized, international philanthropic foundations, associations, organizations, and businesses. The more we know, the greater our ability to improve our organization, enhance the impact we have on the children we serve, and honor those who support our mission through donations and volunteerism.

If you are a foundation, association, organization, or business that would like to join forces with Child Survival Aid Ghana, please contact us at


Our strategic partnerships and alliances allow Child Survival Aid Ghana to push forward with its mission to empower the most vulnerable children through access to education.

We are sincerely grateful to the businesses, organizations, and foundations that have made it possible for us to grow our programs and expand our services into multiple communities. They are making it possible for us to establish our presence in additional communities in which the lives of children hang in the balance.

Our supporters and partnerships are responsible for the well-being of thousands of children who have been able to attend school for the first time or return to school through our help. They have changed the lives of these most vulnerable children who now have a chance at better, brighter futures—and for that, we are most appreciative.

Please consider becoming a Child Survival Aid Ghana strategic partner and being a part of changing a child’s life.