Library Project


A library is an essential tool in providing quality education. Research has shown a strong correlation between student achievement and the presence of quality library facilities. Well-equipped libraries are particularly important for schools in deprived areas where children do not have books of their own at home.

The aim of this project is to resource rural schools with the books they need to enhance effective learning, teaching and quality education. Child Survival Aid Ghana values education as a way of improving the living standard of children and society as a whole.

We are particularly looking for books for young children from Kindergarten, primary to Junior high school level. Story books with pictures are excellent, as are science and other non-fiction books with colorful illustrations. We are also in need of books with basic science experiments and arts and crafts.


Audio-visual and computer-based materials help to create an environment of spoken English in the classrooms which greatly supplements the regular class instruction. We are in need of computer materials focused on Basic English, Mathematics and science. We are also building our stock of educational video DVDs. Projects geared towards early language acquisition, like the Talking Letter Factory, as well as programs with good nature and science imagery is needed to help school children.


An essential aspect of the education is the emphasis on computer skills and computer-assisted learning. Towards this end, our aim is to set up computer labs in rural school, maintain 5:1 student to computer ratio. New or used personal computers or desktop computers are welcome!