Goals & Value

Our Goal

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To keep children in the classroom by supporting their education. This will help them develop their educational talents and future potentials. This create and ensure a sustainable future for children by supporting both girls and boys with educational inputs such as textbooks, exercise books, uniforms and other study materials.

Our Values:

1. Respect and Dignity for All:

Child Survival Aid Ghana aims to treat all children with deep respect. We believe that such respect is transformative – both to practice and action. As such, we are:

  • Child-Centered. The change we seek is an internal one in which children deepens their understanding of themselves and their ability to act as change agents.

  • Community-Driven. Communities have choice and full ownership over all the work we do.

  • Accountable to Communities. We answer primarily to our program participants and regularly seek meaningful evidence about our work’s impact so that we can continually improve.

  • Inclusion of Marginalized Voices. We make a special effort to develop and include voices that are less developed or more difficult to hear especially of underprivileged children and the youth.

  • Teamwork: We strive to promote teamwork through open and effective communication and embracing cultural diversity.

2. Sustainability:

We work towards long-term solutions rather than quick fixes. Where we work: Child Survival Aid Ghana is currently working in North Tongu district in Volta Region of Ghana