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Our Programs

Thousands of young children in Ghana are denied a fair and equal chance in life because they are not being educated. Thousands do not attend school, or they are struggling to find a school or stay in school because they are poor or because they are working on the streets—or because they are girls.

Child Survival Aid Ghana works to provide underprivileged children in underserved areas of the Ghana and around the communities’ access to quality education in safe and nurturing environments.

By doing so, we are helping children transcend the vicious cycle of poverty, child labor, and other challenging situations and work toward better and brighter futures. As part of our programs, we want to ensure that children complete a full course of primary schooling in a good learning and teaching atmosphere thereby:

  • Providing safe classrooms, furniture, textbooks, toilet facilities, recreational facilities, safe water and hand washing facilities in schools
  • Facilitating effective community participation in school management and decision making.
  • Improving access to quality primary education in rural communities where children do not have access to education.
  • Providing children with uniforms and other required educational materials that would help improve their education.
  • Conducting parents—teachers meeting to encourage active participation.
  • Breaking down the barriers that prevent children, particularly girls, from education
  • Reaching out to children who have never been to school or have dropped out for cultural or financial reasons.

Our Impact

Children are our future. They grow up to lead, to inspire, and to create. They become adults and work jobs, contribute to the economy, and make a difference in their communities. But they need a chance in life.

When you donate to Child Survival Aid Ghana, your contributions reach far beyond community,. Once we have touched the life of a child, the impact is evident that child’s life wherever he or she may journey. When you make a donation to Child Survival Aid Ghana, you are changing the life of a child—and that child’s family, community, and world—forever.

If you would like additional information regarding our projects or how your donation makes a difference, please contact us.
Thank you for your generous contributions and continuous support to help us empower the most vulnerable children through access to education.